#WhitelivesMatterMore: Media Bias

It boggles my mind how Black people act as if they are shocked when the media blatantly show their true colors. On January 6, 2015 an explosive device was detonated at the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP at 603 S. El Paso St. just before 11 a.m. The media hardly covered it and the FBI barely put any effort towards investigating the matter concluding with laughable results.  In north eastern Nigeria in and around the town of Baga just recently it was reported that the Muslim extremist group Boko Haram murdered a large number of the civilian population. This was hardly covered in the media. The reason being that the media focused its collective attention at a display of White Power and its allies.

All of this result in Black people getting upset and bombarding social media with complaints, whines and threats as usual. But nothing ever changes, the media never changes and Black people never change. The reason why media never changes and ignores Black people in general unless they are engaged in something negative is because Black people do not have power nor controls the narrative. As it stands right now the majority of the media is in White hands. Whether it’s radio stations, television and cable networks or social media the dominant society owns it. Black folk do not own any media outlets of note and this is damaging to us.

Media is a powerful tool for instilling value in something. It can make something valuable worthless or something worthless valuable. The elder Malcolm X once said:


This is why the dominant society can convince the world including other Black people the world over that we do not matter. The only lives that matter is White. Now if Black people really want to change things they first need to quit the whining and crying, the social media activism and the marching up and down the street begging the dominant society to value them and start to build. That is physically consolidate our monies towards building an economic infrastructure that allows Black people to build and purchase media outlets. Erect our own television and cable networks and companies. Our own radio stations and acquire a piece of the internet for ourselves. Then we can counter the media bias with our own positive Black oriented material. We can show not just the world but ourselves that #BlacklivesMatter.


#WhitelivesMatterMore: Media Bias

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