Minister Louis Farrakhan vs The Average ‘Christian’ Pastor: A Condemnation of Cowardly Christianity

I have changed a lot over the last few years in many aspects of my life. Not in the sense lufarawhere my inherent personality has done a 180 but I have changed in my tastes, my perspective of society and how I approach religion. I am still where I was years ago after my bout with atheism as far as religious allegiances go.  My evidential and intellectual reasons are as still as solid as ever (so this is not a condemnation of Christianity proper). Yet I have trained my ear to recognize and receive truth wherever I hear it. And one new found place has been in the Minister Louis Farrakhan. A place where a few years ago I would never have looked until my Awakening to the conscious reality of who I am as a Black man and the very real plight of my people.

The cause of why I did not see the substantial truth spoken by Louis Farrakhan on many instances was because of my association with a weak and cowardly form of Christianity. A Christianity where Blacks are to ignore a person that is bringing to everyone’s attention the demonic presence and actions of White Supremacy solely for the purpose of maintaining a false sense ‘Christian unity’ engineered by the very White Supremacists Farrakhan tried to warn Black people about.

This White Supremacist from of Christianity formulated a tradition of weak and cowardly ministers that would rather create walls to keep out truth based on fear of making the dominant society uncomfortable. The Bible is employed to create a contrived sense of being united in Christ instead of facing something that is threatening the very lives of those they call their brothers and sisters. This is not something that only Black ministers engage in nor just White but all groups participate in this.

Many of the excuses provided are that the Nation of Islam (going forward NOI) and Christianity are two opposing faiths. Well that is fine but truth is still the truth. If a Muslim or someone from any other faith tells me water is wet and a professed Christian says it is not I am siding with the non-Christian. I am not looking to Louis Farrakhan for religious lessons I am looking to him for lessons in survival as a Black man in America.

Another excuse is found in outright lying. The White media see Farrakhan and the NOI as being genuine threats to White Supremacy so they fabricate lies along with such entities as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to silence them. Its amazing how if a person really looks into what is claimed that  Louis Farrakhan has taught on a number of different issues they was either outright lies, taken out of context or he was speaking the truth that White America can’t stomach. Yet ‘Christians’ believe these things.

In the end it is shameful that Black Christians have to look outside of their faith at times in order to find truth and individuals brave and bold enough to speak truth concerning White Supremacy and its devastating effects on Black people. Yeah you have some in Liberal or Progressive Christian circles but they are too busy doing the very thing that the White Conservative or Fundamentalist aspect does and that is centering everything on Whiteness. The White narrative and the White inclusive and diverse model has to be in play. You move away from that and center the conversation on Black instead of Black and gays, Black and feminists or Black and this group and that group you have no place with them.

Well I am Black First and I will remain Black First and when I can’t find truth in professed Christian circles I will find it wherever I can.


Minister Louis Farrakhan vs The Average ‘Christian’ Pastor: A Condemnation of Cowardly Christianity

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