Black Pastor Raising Money for the Miseducation of Black Youth: Misapplication of Much Needed Funds

Just this morning I ran into an article with the headline Community activists aim to raise funds for kids to see ‘Selma’ for free. According to the article:

“From Los Angeles to New York, a national campaign is underway to offer free screenings of the movie “Selma” to 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students.

Now, two local leaders want to do the same in Richmond.

Community Activist, Melissa Brooks and Pastor Rodney Waller of First African Baptist Church are challenging Richmonders, along with area businesses, politicians and religious leaders.

They’re trying to raise enough money to provide free admission for at least 15,000 students to see the movie in Central Virginia.”

Now this is a chief example of how misguided Black people are in America. The Black pastorrodwaller is raising funds to not only expose impressionable Black children to a film laced with White Supremacist and feminist propaganda. (Yes I know the article uses a blanket statement stating the they wanted “7th, 8th, and 9th grade students” to see the film which could involve children from all groups but I am focused on the Black aspect of the potential viewing audience in this writing) He is also enriching the very system that birthed the historical event that the movie is supposed to be depicting. How are you going to combat White Supremacy and its adherents if you are going to be the one supporting it through the miseducation of Black youth?

When one looks at this campaign and the eventual outcome of the Civil Rights Movement Pastor Rodney Waller is acting in accordance with the goals of the Civil Rights Movement. Once people get past the rhetoric, the pietistic talk and the delusional flowery speech all the Civil Rights Movement did was charter an arrangement where Black people could enrich Whites even more so and give them greater control over us.

The article goes on to relate that “Paramount Pictures teamed up with African-American business leaders to provide 27,000 movie tickets to students. More than 60,000 students signed up according to reports and plans are in the works to provide more tickets.”


Now let’s stop and do a little math here. According to Variety the “average ticket price fell 3.6% from the previous quarter to $8.08 for the three months ending in September” of 2014. So using that $8.08 as our price and we multiply that by 27,000 we come out to $218,160.00. Now if we use that same price point and multiply that by the 60,000 kids that signed up in total we come to $484,800.00.

Now just imagine if any of those dollar amounts was directed towards creating and sustaining Black businesses that would initiate mentor or apprenticeship programs? That would dramatically change these Black youths outlook towards life and the future and provide them with alternatives that they would in many instances not have ordinarily. We do not need any more Hollywood history lessons from people whose objective is to attain and retain power through the oppression and subjugation of Black people. What we need is a strong economic infrastructure built by Black hands and maintained by Black hands. This is seriously a striving towards the misapplication of much needed funds.



Black Pastor Raising Money for the Miseducation of Black Youth: Misapplication of Much Needed Funds

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