Refining White Supremacy: Second Half of the Thousand Year Reign of White Supremacy


We are currently dwelling in the second half of the 1,000 year reign of White Supremacy. While there is nothing written in stone as it where demonstrating that White Supremacy is supposed to reign in for that length of time it seemed appropriate that it be framed that way. After all it is not uncommon for a wicked system to be framed in that fashion after all Nazi Germany dreamed of their 1,000 year Reich or empire. But White Supremacy is far older than any aspirations Nazism had. White Supremacy began in the 1400s and went into full swing in the 1500s, and now we come to the 2000s. White Supremacy has reigned for over 500 years and we have entered the refinement stage.  One of my biggest influences in the area of Black Empowerment in his worked entitled The United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept a textbook/workbook for Thought, Speech and/or Action for Victims of Racism (white supremacy), Dr. Neely Fuller Jr. explains what this refinement period consists of what he writes on page 34 of the work. Dr. Fuller states:

“refinement of” white supremacy means to improve the methods of maintaining White Supremacy.

This means that the White Supremacists (Racists) strive to decrease the necessity for using direct violence and /or the threat of direct violence against non-white people. They, instead, strive to increase the use of deceit as the basic means of causing their victims to “enjoy”, and/or not resist, their subjection to White Supremacy.

The refinement stage of White Supremacy is the “ideal” stage of racial subjugation to those White Supremacists who strive to produce it. They prefer a condition in which their victims willfully support being the subjects of the White Supremacists as they become accustomed to believing that this is the best possible arrangement between white and non-white people.

The White Supremacists (Racists) promote the refinement of White Supremacy by speaking and/or acting in a manner that makes the practice of White Supremacy more acceptable and/or more ‘appealing ‘ to the victims.

[Note: White Supremacy (Racism) is a non-just and incorrect socio-material practice—no matter how it is practiced, and no matter how appealing or acceptable it may be to it’s victims].

The refinement stage of White Supremacy is generally promoted through the systematic use of falsehood and/or ‘flatter’.

Sometimes the flattery takes the form of material objects distributed among the non-white people of the known universe to use as so-called “status” symbols.

The refinement stage of White Supremacy includes speech and/or action by White Supremacists that appears to be against White Supremacy, but in truth, is only the promotion of White Supremacy in a different and/or more deceitful form.


So at this time White Supremacy is at a point where they do not have to totally rely on violence other than the occasional reminder to some who is dominant. White Supremacy has become more cerebral in its actions, preferring brains over brawn. They do not need to murder, enslave and rape their way to the top because they have already done so during the initial 500 years. Falsehood and deception is employed more often than it had been in the past. White Supremacy has lulled the majority of the Black Collective to a point where they love their place in the system or they are jockeying for a better position in it.

It is no longer about being the majority of the population for the dominant society because it is estimated that by the year 2042 Whites will lose their majority status. They do not have to be the majority if they have the Black collective programed to go along with the system and actually love it for the material things it temporarily offers.

Now that we know what stage we are in, it is appropriate in closing to ask the critical question that has to be asked.

Will those that are awake take action, waiving the enticements that White Supremacy offers and for a brief moment undergo righteous suffering to ultimately replace White Supremacy with a system of justice erected by the hands of a new Black Community?

Refining White Supremacy: Second Half of the Thousand Year Reign of White Supremacy

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